AVM Cascade

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Confidence Backed by Multiple Reports: AVM Cascade

Clear Capital’s AVM Cascade allows you to create and define a waterfall of several leading AVM providers in an effort to produce a value on a property anywhere in the country. This cascade increases the chances of getting a reliable answer so you can proceed with total confidence in your purchases. Its high accuracy options are fueled by machine learning and fresh benchmarks to always adjust for current market conditions.

avm cascade valuation analytics

Why AVM Cascade?

Clear Capital offers ten AVMs from five different AVM providers, allowing you to maximize your hit rate. This is especially helpful with national ordering and when you’re looking to prioritize quality, cost and coverage to meet your internal business strategy. Clear Capital’s AVM Cascade is one of the few to offer FreddieMac’s Home Value Explorer®, an AVM backed by the largest real estate database and also includes additional AVM models that have undergone governance, as well as meet lending regulation.

What’s Different About AVM Cascade?


Multiple valuation possibilities increase confidence in decision-making.

Results are based on best practices and aren’t skewed.

Agnostic solution that lets you customize your ordering preference.

Is AVM Cascade Right for Me?

When you need complete certainty and control, AVM Cascade offers the most options.


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