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Rapid Condition Updates From Experienced Professionals: Residential & Commercial Property Condition Inspections (PCI)

Local residential and commercial brokers familiar with the subject’s market, Clear Capital’s Property Condition Inspection reports feature a rapid turn time and a strong network of boots-on-the-ground real estate professionals. Our reports include independent data to deliver exactly the information you need in an easy-to-read format.

Why Clear Capital Residential & Commercial PCI?

When you order a Property Condition Inspection from Clear Capital, we deliver a clear, risk summary report visually highlighting factors that could influence your property’s marketability. You can also combine a PCI with an AVM in lending and credit decisions if you’re looking for a compliant, cost-effective evaluation.

The Clear Capital Difference With Residential & Commercial PCIs

We have options tailored for residential and commercial properties depending on your unique requirements.


Potential Risk Summary

The report identifies eight key aspects of each subject property to help you spot red flags and quickly identify your asset’s risk factors.

Subject Information

Analysis on current and projected use and zoning is even more powerful with our ClearAVMTM to create an evaluation.

Condition and Marketability

Easy-to-understand terms such as “Poor,” “Fair” and “Good” are used to describe the subject condition We also identify current zoning violations and potential changes; subject conformity to its neighborhood; condition of neighboring properties and negative and positive externalities. Finally, we comment on whether significant repairs are needed.

Actionable Repair Addendum

If significant repairs are needed, a detailed repair grid can be ordered with a detailed itemization of repairs and associated estimated costs.

Photos, Aerial and Satellite Imagery

Photos, aerial and satellite imagery and mapping validate the subject location and condition of the property as described in the broker narrative.

Is a Clear Capital Residential Or Commercial PCI Right For Me?

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