Post Disaster Inspection (PDI)

Easily Estimate Damages and Repair Costs With a Post Disaster Inspection

Clear Capital helps by providing personal attention along with accuracy and analysis that help you make truly informed decisions. A Post Disaster Inspection plays a crucial role by estimating the damage and repair costs of a property after a disaster, bringing you peace of mind and reassurance with report turn times as short as two or five days.

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Why Order a PDI?

An experienced professional validates and analyzes pertinent details after floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters, to give you peace of mind on the current condition of your loan portfolio.

FEMA post disaster inspection

The Clear Capital Difference


Experienced Connections

We tap into a nationwide network of more than 18,000 independent licensed brokers and agents who can be dispatched to the disaster site within hours of your initial request to provide an assessment.

Subject Property Condition

The person inspecting your property will quickly rate the overall damage to the property, letting you know whether there’s minor, major or no damage involved. In cases where the damage is unrecoverable, the inspector will note “Total Loss” on the report.

Neighborhood Condition

After a disaster, conformity can affect value, so the PDI also assesses the percentage of neighborhood properties suffering disaster-related damage. If requested, The report can include a narrative on the surrounding areas, noting issues such as flooding, wind damage, fire damage, downed power lines, road closures and more.

Subject and Neighborhood Photos

Exterior photos of both the subject and neighborhood as well as maps to validate damage and are used to confirm that the subject resides within a FEMA disaster site.

Is a PDI Right For Me?

Get post disaster insight on the condition of subject property or subject property’s neighborhood.

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