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There is a Better Way: ClearValTM Appraisal by Clear Capital

It might be a HELOC or a securitization you’re trying to quickly fund. Whatever the case, we understand that time is of the essence. Because a constantly evolving marketplace demands progressive solutions, we’ve created ClearValTM, a hybrid appraisal that combines boots-on-the-ground analysis with desktop concluded values.

The result? Quicker, more flexible transactions that lead to happier borrowers and lenders with the confidence of having an appraisal to support your transaction.

Clear Capital ClearVal Appraisal Valuation Product

Why ClearValTM?

The ClearValTM process begins with a licensed real estate broker and ends with a licensed or certified desktop appraiser. Our desktop appraiser panel eats, sleeps and breathes desktop valuations, parsing through multiple data sources, comparables and other crucial data to deliver solid, reliable reports that are easy to read and understand.

Here’s where ClearValTM differs. For maximum efficiency and accuracy, we tap into a nationwide network of real estate professionals to perform physical inspections. This not only ensures a quick turnaround, but a cost-effective approach. Everything you’ve come to rely on from a property appraisal is in ClearValTM reports. Aerial imagery, a comparative market analysis, photos of comparables, mapping and local market data – it’s all there.

How ClearValTM Desktop Appraisals Work

With ClearValTM, your next appraisal is just four steps away:


A licensed real estate agent/broker from your area completes an inspection.

A licensed/certified appraiser evaluates Comparative Market Analysis and Home Data Index data.

Your report undergoes four levels of quality assurance, including automated and human reviews.

Your report is delivered, complete with value conclusion, market comparison, subject history, maps.

Is ClearValTM Right for Me?

ClearValTM is an appraisal report that satisfies both USPAP and the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. It’s a more efficient way to support your decisions around:

Home equity origination
Loan securitizations & servicing decisions*
Low balance transactions
Establishing an REO list price

* 2055 and Appraisal Reviews are offered in West Virginia.

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