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clear capital real estate valuations

Clear Capital Appraisals

Whether you’re funding a conventional loan, a refi, a HELOC or making REO decisions, Clear Capital’s residential and commercial appraisal management services deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. We understand that customers have different needs – from simple to complex. Clear Capital’s appraisal management group focuses on customizing a solution that recognizes what’s most important to you – your customers.

Why Clear Capital Property Appraisal Management Solutions?

Clear Capital’s transparent process works to provide you visibility and certainty into an industry that has struggled with both in the past. We pull you out of appraisal limbo and into a place of clarity and understanding. Our nationwide panel of appraisers tap into their expertise to deliver clear, easy-to-understand reports while providing you with updates every step of the way.

We designed our pre-check submission process to eliminate the back-and-forth that consumes valuable time in standard appraisals. We blend a human touch with leading edge data analytics to ensure your total satisfaction.

Ordering appraisals has never been easier with our simple web interface. Check on your order status at any time, then share your report files with your key stakeholders.

How It Works

At Clear Capital, we’re here to support you. To actively listen and make sure everything is “just so.” We support your efforts by delivering:


A Personal Touch

When you choose Clear Capital as your partner in the appraisal process, you’re paired up with a team that manages each detail of your account. We ask all the right questions: what are your goals? Your timelines? Any special considerations? We cover all the bases, and we keep in touch.


Clear Capital’s appraiser partners are fully licensed with top ratings and deep experience with valuations.

Quality Assurance

Each appraisal goes through three layers of quality review, each ensuring for accuracy and mitigating against risk. This combination of human and automated checks helps eliminate revision requests, saving you time and money.

When You Need It, How You Need It

Because we communicate with you each step of the way, you know exactly when to expect your appraisal report.

Compliance Team Working for You

We’re obsessive about making sure your report is not only on time and accurate, but it has been designed to comply with all state and federal regulations.

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