Value Reconciliations

The final word when presented with conflicting data points from multiple Appraisals and/or BPOs.

Clear Capital Value Reconciliations bring a uniform standard to the reconciliation process. Our licensed appraisers are exhaustive in their review of the provided reports. They take, not only their local market expertise, but supplemental data sources from Clear Capital, to determine the most accurate value of the subject.

Because we understand time is of the essence, Clear Capital’s Value Reconciliations can be completed within short time constraints. We offer reconciliations on a single BPO up to a mix of three BPOs and/or Appraisals. The appraiser will review all subject information between each report and point out discrepancies that often reveal the reason for a variance in value. Additionally, the appraiser will review all comparable data from the source reports, comparing it to supplemental comparable data to conclude a final current market value for the subject property.

Our intuitive report makes your review and next actions easy with a clearly visible reconciled value conclusion and variance from the original report along with a detailed narrative to support the value points.

  • Experienced, independent appraisers from our network provide the most reliable results.
  • Reports clearly identify reconciled value as well as all other supporting values.
  • Clean layout with easy-to-reference comparable maps, scatter graphs, and comparable characteristic grids.
  • Easy-to-reference qualitative data is presented in a meaningful context.
  • Appraisers have access to Clear Capital®’s vast proprietary data set as well as industry-leading tools, Home Data Index™ (HDI™) and ClearProp™
  • Appraiser narratives follow standardized guidelines and are supported by empirical data.
Summary Section
Provides the reader with the most salient subject information, including the property valuations being reconciled. The reconciled value and variance to the reconciled value are front and center.
Value Reconciliation Summary Section
Appraiser Narrative
Our detailed appraiser narrative provides a look into the appraiser’s thought process with standardized commentary for ease of review. Commentary is broken down into specific areas of focus to keep the appraiser and reader focused on singular topics. And commentary regarding the market, value points being reconciled, secondary data considered and derivation of value are included.Value Reconciliation Appraiser Narrative
The scattergraph of comparables offers a clear visual snapshot of the relationship between the report comparables’ sale prices and dates and the value conclusion. This at-a-glance review shows how the various comparables from the multiple value points support, or fail to support, the value conclusions.Value Reconciliation Scattergraph
Comparable Grid
All comparables are displayed on a single grid for ease of comparison. Supplemental comparables considered by the licensed appraiser that support the reconciled value conclusion are also included.Value Reconciliation Comparables Grid
Subject and all comparables are mapped to illustrate proximity of comparables to the subject. This visual tool assists in determining neighborhood boundaries and identifying comparables that are within and those that are outside neighborhood boundaries. Maps also assist to identify potential externalities that could impact value, positively or negatively, such as highways or railways.Value Reconciliation Maps
To further support any of the value points in the reconciliation, you can order aerial imagery, a Clear Capital ClearProp™  report or Home Data Index™ (HDI™) report. The HDI can be run on the current condition or retrospectivelyValue Reconciliation Aerial Imagery

Clear Capital’s Value Reconciliations bring uniformity, clarity and confidence to the reconciliation process when:

  • Reconciling an origination appraisal or multiple origination appraisals
  • Reconciling an origination appraisal against a BPO in pre-funding or a post-funding audit
  • Reconciling multiple value opinions obtained over the course of the foreclosure process
  • Determining an exit strategy in a loan workout, short sale or REO
  • Qualifying the reliability of the valuation prior to loan acquisition

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