Home Data Index™ (HDI™)

The most current and relevant home market index available. Period.

The Clear Capital Home Data Index (HDI) is a powerful analytics-driven tool that offers both a repeat sales and price-per-square-foot index with address-level cascading to deliver the most current and accurate market measures possible.

When used with our human-based valuation tools like Appraisals, BPOs and AVMs, the HDI’s indexing technology helps you at every point in the valuation process. It lets you see the big picture factors influencing your valuations—whether you’re analyzing one property or a pool of loans. You will increase the accuracy and objectivity of existing valuations.

Make no mistake. Home price indices are not created equal. The Clear Capital Home Data Index is distinguished from other home price indices in three specific ways. It equally weights distressed sales (REO and short sales) and lower priced homes with more expensive and fair market homes, offering a more accurate view of the market; our patent pending technology generates the timeliest indices in rolling quarter intervals that compare the most recent to four months to the previous three months. The HDI produces home price trends over 10 different geographic levels including national, regional, state, MSA, county, zip code, tract and block group for the most granular results.

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  • Relies on Clear Capital’s patent pending technology  which generates the timeliest indices in rolling quarter intervals, allowing our trends to be calculated at any given time eliminating the lag time associated with other home price indices.
  • Evaluates price trends at a more granular level over 10 different geographic levels including: national, regional, state, MSA (3 different metro levels), county, zip code, tract and block group.
  • Gives equal weight to distressed sales (REO and short sales) and lower priced homes to give a more holistic view of the market.
  • Provides multiple perspectives by price tier, sale type, property type, geography, or by different models (repeat sales or median price per square foot).
  • Delivers various outputs, including market performance, market appreciation direction, market adjustment, distressed indicators, and forecasts.
  • Accessed via API to deliver current housing market trends in milliseconds.
  • Quarterly two year price forecast.
Market Performance
An overview of market price trends that are most meaningful to your subject. Seven quarters of historical price trends put current trends into context. Forecasts highlight the expected price trajectory over the next two quarters.Market Performance Chart
Market Direction and Forecast
This quick snapshot of directional price trends broken out by current trends and forecasts helps you quickly understand where prices have been and where they are expected to be in the next two quarters.
Home Data Index Market Direction and Forecast
Multi Model Results
The HDI uses multiple index models, repeat sales and price-per-square-foot, to deliver the most comprehensive housing market data and analysis available. The index analyzes data with address-level cascading starting with the property’s block group and cascading out until there is enough data to deliver a statistically accurate indexed result.

Price tiers identify market appreciation rates by low-tier sale prices (25th percentile), mid-tier (between the 25th and 75th percentiles), or top-tier (above the 75th percentile) homes in an area.Home Data Index Multi Model Results
Market Adjustment
Market adjustments are applied to supplied prior subject values based on the most granular, reliable trends. You can quickly gauge the change in value of your collateral.
Home Data Index Market Adjustment
Market Forecast
The HDI Market Forecast produces a two year, forward-looking price trend broken down by quarterly expected growth. The result is a localized price forecast factoring a combination of economic variables such as employment, affordability and migration.
REO Saturation, Discount, Days On Market
REO activity identifies the distressed (REO and short sale) saturation rate, distressed sales as a percentage of total sales, distressed discount rate and average days on market of distressed sales compared to fair market transactions. The Clear Capital HDI gives equal weight to distressed sales and lower priced homes acknowledging the importance of distressed sales on the market.

The REO Discount is the observed price difference between fair market and distressed segments, down weighted by distressed saturation. We down weight distressed discounts because when markets get overly saturated, the entire market can be priced to distressed sales. To avoid double discounting, distressed saturation is considered.

REO Days On Market is the most recent list to sale segment.
Home Data Index REO Discount
We can tell you in three easy words what makes Clear Capital’s Home Data Index different—currency, granularity and perspective. We can calculate our home price trends at any given time, thanks to our patent pending, rolling quarter methodology.

We produce home price trends over 10 different geographic levels including: national, regional, state, MSA (3 different metro levels), county, zip code, tract and block group (roughly the size of 500 homes or 1/3 of a zip code).

We break out the HDI by price tier, sale type (distressed-only, fair market-only or both) and different models (repeat sales versus median price-per-square-foot).
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Now you can get instant access to one of the most current, most granular home data indices available in the country through the Bloomberg Professional Service.Search, chart, and analyze Clear Capital’s proprietary home data for 30 select metropolitan statistical areas (MSA), four U.S. regional series, U.S. national series for free.

  • Clear Capital’s Home Data Index
  • Two-year Forecast
  • Distressed Saturation Rate (REO and short sales)

In addition to free data on up to 30 select MSAs, we also offer a premier annual subscription for access to data on more than 10,000 zip codes nationwide.

The Clear Capital HDI provides contextual data to support both immediate and long-range objective decisions when:

  • Determining effective REO, short sale, and foreclosure strategies
  • Conducting due diligence for purchase and investment decisions
  • Valuing default portfolios
  • Updating values in portfolios as a lower cost alternative to a BPO
  • Internal auditing and benchmarking of models

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