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The most current and relevant home market index available. Period.

National Price Trends: (Five Years Previous – One-year Forecast)

National HDI with 6 month forecast, data through June 2012.
The Clear Capital® Home Data Index (HDI) offers many features that bring additional timeliness, intelligence and clarity to your due diligence process:
Proprietary, up-to-date data provides the most current index of all market indicators, so you're making decisions based on today's market conditions. To take full advantage of our streaming data, patent pending rolling quarter intervals dynamically shift three month periods so they are always current at the date of the order.
REO indicators – saturation, discount and DOM – answer the most relevant questions about local distressed market conditions, adding valuable perspective to your complex decision-making process.
Price tier segmentation provides a granular view of market appreciation rates which often differ significantly between the low, middle, and highest value classes.
Dynamic forecast engine facilitates price projections with detailed breakouts at the one- and two-quarter marks, in addition to the one- and two-year milestones.
Complete index series creates market adjustments from historic values to aid in identifying consistency in valuations over the life of an asset.

The Clear Capital HDI is a powerful analytics tool – provided in spreadsheet, web-based or subscription format – that delivers the most current, complete and accurate indicator of market conditions possible.

Combined with our human-based valuation tools like appraisals and BPOs, our indexing technology helps you at every point in your valuation process; bridging the gap between data products and the traditional human-based products for the sharpest picture of market dynamics.

The HDI leverages our unique and proprietary data sets, as well as technological and statistical expertise, to produce a customizable analytics-driven intelligence tool that allows you to understand the immediate state of a local market—whether you're analyzing one property or a pool of loans.

Our innovative home price index combines extreme recency and granularity of data with address-level accuracy for the most current home pricing data available. With the data in context, both your immediate and long-range decisions are made from the strongest, most objective positions possible.

At Clear Capital®, we recognize that each investment and management scenario is unique and requires a different set of data points for you to make an intelligent decision. To meet your particular needs, our indexing technology can be delivered in customized data output views on everything from market performance and adjustment; to REO tools such as saturation, discount, or days on market, and price forecasts from one quarter to two years.

With this innovative indexing tool, we continue our commitment to helping you make the most confident financial decisions, whatever they may be.

Reports Include:
flat file
We'll work with you to develop the turn time solution that meets your needs.
  • Repeat sales and price-per-square-foot index cascade
  • Scaled market adjustments
  • Market direction
  • REO saturation rates
  • REO discount rates
  • REO days on market
  • Price forecasts (1Qtr. to 2 Yrs.)

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