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Dependable appraisals are critical to your asset valuation process, and Clear Capital® recognizes that reliable data results from effective partnerships between customers and appraisers.

We work with customers and our network of field experts to set the standards for trust, customer service and transparent methodologies. We carefully manage the personal relationships between our customers and our network of appraisers—not for only one project, but for the long haul.

Through this process, we've refined a new model for appraisal management, addressing three pressing industry needs: quality, clarity and reliability.

Clear Capital appraisals feature:
Friendly, helpful support and our commitment to customer ethics and quality.
High-quality data delivered quickly and transparently, in the format you require.
Well-defined appraiser narratives that are supported by empirical data to deliver reliable results.
Standard Residential Appraisal services for loan originations, loan workout servicing, loan defaults and REO properties.

Our unique management model focuses on forming unsurpassed relationships between our customers and our appraisal team, the true local valuation experts. Appraisal management has never been so helpful—or
so clear.

Report Types:
We offer three-, four-, five-, and seven-day turnaround times.
  • Drive-by reports
  • Field and desk reviews
  • Mixed use and small balance commercial
  • Multi-family reports
  • Retro reports
  • SFR and condo reports