ClearCollateral® Review

An automated collateral
underwriting review system.

A revolutionary way to review appraisals and underwrite collateral. Reduce cycle times and costs with connected data, technology and people.

ClearCollateral® Review

An automated collateral
underwriting review system.

A revolutionary way to connect data, technology, and people to compliantly approve collateral transactions and close more loans faster.

Create efficiencies

Centralize your
review process.

ClearCollateral Review delivers the industry’s leading dynamic appraisal review workflow system by using loan characteristics, automated appraisal risk assessments — including Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter® (CU®), Freddie Mac’s Loan Collateral Advisor® (LCA), and the Federal Housing Administration’s Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) findings — and external data. All the analytical tools and data required to review an appraisal are in one place.

underwriting review appraisal automatically

Improve productivity

Save time
by eliminating
manual work.

Instead of the error-prone process of reviewing PDF-based appraisals manually, ClearCollateral Review can automatically do it for you. Our system maps data from the report into new and useful views, allowing you to quickly review a data snapshot when performing a low-risk review on appraisals that don’t require a deep dive.

Increase profitability

Reduce processing
time and win in
the market.

By automating your collateral underwriting process, you can shorten your review effort by 50% or more by eliminating manual tasks. Reduce loan cycle times and improve customer satisfaction to win in the market, and increase profitability.

With reduced review time, you can provide a quicker turnaround on the appraisal process, providing a better experience to more customers.

clearcollateral review report summary

Apply a cost-effective process

Focus on
exception management.

Our Tier system directs the right reviewer for the job to complete the right level of review for each file. This means you’ll spend less time reviewing low-risk files, and your senior reviewers can focus on the files that require their expertise.

Gain time from our experience

your business.

With almost 20 years of reviewing valuations, we know quality. Let us help you by leveraging our years of experience in both collateral review and building solutions for reviewers’ teams so that you can focus on closing more loans.

mitigate underwriting risk

Mitigate risk

Ensures compliance
to internal and
investor guidelines

Compliance is managed at the loan level within the platform, and all documentation is automatically shared back to the LOS. The system is designed to meet the Independent Appraisal Guide (IAG), Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), federal and state regulations, and legislation.

Increase your capacity

Scale the system
to your volume.

With dashboarding and reporting that allow you to easily understand volume and behavior, tools like Tiers, Smart Views, and configurable Review Forms allow you to build processes that scale, and keep you efficient — no matter your volume.

clearcollateral review dashboard

Use a new system with ease

Rely on a
robust system.

The system has a modern, clean interface so that you can navigate easily through the review process.

Our cloud-based architecture runs over a million transactions per month. ClearCollateral Review will maintain its performance in times of low or high volume without needing any system modifications.


Additional features.

Rules Engine ClearQC and Management Tools
Rules Engine (ClearQC®) and Management Tools

Highlights concerns within a valuation to direct the reviewers’ efforts and shave time off the process. The rules are flexible and configurable based on geography, investor, loan type, and more.

collateral review condition model
Condition Model

Quickly assesses the property condition using appraisal photos and property data, then compairing it to the appraiser’s C-rating to flag any discrepancy.

clearphoto property condition verification

A powerful set of AI-driven rules that automates the review of property photos and ensures they are aligned with the appraisal data and sketch. ClearPhoto significantly reduces time spent identifying the photo-related error(s) by instantly checking for property photos’ accuracy and quality.

configurable review forms
Configurable Review Forms.

Build review forms that range from simple checklists to complex, investor-driven deep dives to ensure the right questions are asked and answered every time.

gse review submission
GSE scoring

Automatic submission to the GSE and FHA portals results not only in SSRs, but also in the scores and findings in a format that allows workflow configuration based on risk and R&W decisions.

smart views data mapping collateral review
Smart Views

Reduce the need for time-consuming appraisal PDF review with Smart Views that map critical information (characteristics, photos, maps, sketches) from the appraisal report and present them to the reviewer in an easy to scan format that saves scrolling and time.

collateral clearprop property report

Easily order a ClearProp on an appraisal to gain access to extensive property and market data, customized value reports, and much more.

collateral valuation accuracy
Valuation Accuracy Score

Quickly understand the risk of over- or under-valuation by comparing it to ClearAVM™ – our lending-grade valuation engine.

collateral review api integration
API Integration

Designed to integrate into existing appraisal management systems, creating a clean process that works well with your ecosystem.

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