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Current Block-Level Market Trends: Home Data IndexTM

HDITM’s indexing technology helps you at every point in the valuation process. Drawing on proven data models, Clear Capital’s HDITM can calculate home price trends from any effective date, providing you with more insight and clarity for each transaction. HDITM combines repeat sales and price-per-square-foot indices with address-level cascading to deliver the most current and accurate market measures possible.

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Not only does the Clear Capital Home Data IndexTM provide additional, contextual data for an even sharper valuation picture, it helps bring additional timeliness, intelligence and clarity to your due diligence process.

What Makes HDITM Different?


Fresh Analysis

Our indices are calculated multiple times per month using near real time data, which is often six-weeks ahead of other industry products.

Market Forecast and Direction

This quick snapshot of directional price trends broken out by current trends and forecasts helps you quickly understand where prices have been and where they are expected to be in the next two quarters.

Market Performance

See an overview of market price trends most meaningful to your subject. Seven quarters of historical price trends put current trends into context and forecasts highlight the expected price trajectory over the next two years.

Highly Granular Results

The index analyzes data with address-level cascading starting with the property’s block group and cascading out until there is enough data to deliver a statistically accurate indexed result. The HDITM uses multiple index models, repeat sales and price-per-square-foot, to deliver the most comprehensive housing market data and analysis available.

REO Saturation, Discount, Days on Market

REO activity identifies the distressed (REO and short sale) saturation rate, distressed sales as a percentage of total sales, distressed discount rate and average days on market of distressed sales compared to fair market transactions. The Clear Capital HDITM gives equal weight to distressed sales and lower priced homes acknowledging the importance of distressed sales on the market.

Apply Trend to Prior Values

Adjustments are applied to supplied prior subject values based on the most granular, reliable trends. From there, you can quickly gauge the change in value of your collateral.

Is HDITM Right For Me?

With HDITM you can make better decisions using current data, compare trends against valuations in review or look beyond present house prices to forecast and evaluate risk.


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