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FEMA disaster report service
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Clarity When Disaster Strikes: FEMA Disaster Services

News reports and social media are great at informing the world when a natural disaster hits. What’s not always so clear is whether certain properties are located within these federally-designated disaster areas. It’s an important distinction that can make a world of difference when purchasing or maintaining properties.

Clear Capital’s free FEMA disaster service is designed to eliminate this confusion.

How It Works

By confirming that a subject property is located in an active FEMA disaster area, Clear Capital’s FEMA checks bring peace of mind and clarity on next steps when disaster strikes. Adhering to FEMA’s disaster criteria, our checks identify when individual assistance or public assistance is available for property owners.

These free, automated checks provide everything you need to know regarding the need for local inspections post-disaster. Access this report on demand as needed, or sign up for automated notifications when new disasters are declared; a great option to stay apprised of local events impacting your portfolio.

Reports include the date, nature of disaster and FEMA disaster ID number, and are good in the immediate aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms, landslides, flooding, mudslides and other natural disasters. If you determine your portfolio is at risk, Clear Capital offers Post Disaster Inspections (PDI) and Property Condition Inspections (PCI) to quickly provide clarity on the impacts of the FEMA disaster on your properties.

When You Need Clear Capital FEMA Service


If you have collateral risk associated with rapid property condition changes resulting from FEMA disasters

If you need to see at a county level whether a property may have suffered damage

To identify properties to order a Post Disaster Inspection or Property Condition Inspection

For due diligence as a pre-purchase tool

For residential and commercial properties

Who Needs Clear Capital FEMA Service?


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