Quality Assurance

Trust-based quality for confident investment decisions

When high trust meets high tech, you realize numerous benefits. The most important benefit is quality—especially in a market where accurate, reliable information remains key to making confident investment decisions. Our entire suite of products and services represents the highest levels of quality available, setting standards in an industry that is becoming increasingly automated and commoditized.

At Clear Capital®, ensuring the highest levels of quality starts with the way we hire. For all in-house positions we are careful to bring aboard friendly, professional people who are completely committed to making our customers' lives better. And many of the appraisers, brokers, agents, and inspectors we work with come directly from major lenders, servicers, and investors, allowing them not only to think like our clients, but empathize with them as well.

High trust begins as soon as a customer places an order. We immediately match any valuation request with the highest-rated real estate professional in the closest proximity. Our progressive technology adds even more trust to the QA process. Hundreds of scripts verify that the information—including consistency in condition, repairs, distance from comps, and economic trends—is accurately reflected in the final form. And before delivery, each valuation is hand-reviewed by an experienced analyst, giving our customers the clearest evidence for making an intelligent decision.

When the most qualified people use the most progressive technology to produce Clear Capital's valuation tools, quality becomes the foundation of trust and the basis for confident investment decisions. Clear Capital quality rests upon our bedrock commitment to customer ethics, to following the road wherever it leads and doing whatever it takes to make our customers' lives better.

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