Rental Market Report

When rental potential leads to stronger investment strategies.

There is real opportunity in the rental market. Rental rates are high, vacancy rates have dropped. Investors are fired up to purchase properties to hold and rent or package securities backed by single-family rental properties. Deals are moving fast, so to help you take advantage of these new opportunities, Clear Capital created the Rental Market Report.

An extension of our BPO valuation report, the Rental Market Report provides insightful and valuable rental information so you can get the real story into the rental potential of your current assets or new investments.

  • Insight into cash flow potential helps determine next steps for your distressed assets, REO-to-Rental, single-family rental securitizations or leaseback programs.
  • Identify opportunities existing in your assets.
  • Easily ordered with a Clear Capital BPO and combined in one easy-to-understand report.
  • Clear Capital’s broker panel selection employs rigorous performance rankings and rooftop geocoding to ensure your BPOs are placed with the most qualified, most proximate brokers.
  • Clear Capital’s broker panel is empowered with data-driven account tools to ensure each BPO is completed accurately and thoroughly.
  • Offered in Interior, Drive-by and in Puerto Rico.
Three proximate rental comparables from within the last 12 months, provided in a side-by-side grid layout for easy analysis.Rental Market Report Rental Comparables
Rental market trends for the area, including the supply of rentals-on-market, the average days-on-market and commentary describing if local rental rates are increasing, decreasing or stable for the area.Rental Market Report Rental Market Trends
Rental Range
As-is and as-repaired estimates of rental values, which is valuable information only provided through a physical inspection.
Broker Commentary
Subject property commentary from the broker, to further describe the property and justify the price conclusions.Rental Market Report Broker Commentary

The Clear Capital Rental Market Report makes it easy for you to evaluate opportunities based on potential rental incomes.

  • Investors with insight into potential rental income have a credible perspective into the overall value of their subject properties, and can develop more effective investment strategies.
  • Servicers can better evaluate various options and outcomes when determining marketing and investment strategies for distressed properties.
  • Financial institutions implementing leaseback or REO-to-Rental programs will identify the best properties or portfolios for those programs more easily and effectively

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