The search is over. Introducing your solution for compliant, comprehensive MLS-based Data reports and API's.

The RealTimeCMA (RTCMA) is a comparative listing activity report around a property that gives accurate, detailed insight to a local market. API delivery ensures that the most recent information is instantly available and allows flexibility to customize the output.

Partnering with real estate brokers across the U.S., Clear Capital’s system provides access to reports that combine personalized insight with fresh MLS sales and listing comparables, digging deep into a local area. RTCMA is a complete view of local market conditions with sales and listing histories, property characteristics, listing comments and access to photos all ready to empower your valuation quality control. This unique product can radically impact your internal valuation, valuation review and market analysis processes by giving much needed, and often missing, local market context.

As a leading provider of collateral valuations solutions, Clear Capital initially developed RTCMA for our own valuation review process. Our demand for clean, compliant and comprehensive market data drove the need to develop this strong solution. Our robust platform is now available for you to supercharge your valuations and reviews. Through a direct API integration, you can access the RealTimeCMA instantly, with a call from your system to ours. The JSON output can then be configured and integrated easily and efficiently with your collateral valuation, analytics and review processes.

  • Instant access to the most current listing activity
  • Nationwide listing coverage that continues to expand
  • Strong, long-standing broker network that drives greater coverage
  • Dedicated Compliance Team managing industry data licenses and NAR guidance
  • Data and Analytics Team who standardize, clean, and validate data
  • Comprehensive data set to support a thorough valuation review
  • Flexibility to set data parameters for a customized report output
  • Technology Team who support 24/7 service availability
  • Delivered via easy-to-integrate API
  • Additional market insights fueled by broker-completed, bi-weekly market reports
  • Additional revenue stream to licensed brokers
  • Strong internal valuation, valuation review and market analysis processes
How it works
RealTimeCMA is an API that returns a detailed report based on a single property address.  The output can be customized for use in analytics or tied to processes that drive decision making.
Building the Platform
The ClearRE program empowers brokers from Clear Capital’s nationwide network to deliver instant reports around market data. By using Clear Capital’s secure, audited technology platform, the ClearRE broker can ensure their data is being used in a compliant manner that brings health to the industry.
Nationwide Coverage
RealTimeCMA’s nationwide coverage springs from Clear Capital’s long-standing broker network. These healthy relationships produce a stable, viable data platform that can give insight to formerly difficult regions.
Compliant Solution
You can be sure that we have double-checked every contract with MLS boards and brokers in order to deliver a truly compliant tool.

Our dedicated Compliance Team works daily to make sure our solution meets and exceeds industry security and legality.

Clean and Standardized Data
Clear Capital ingests and standardizes data from hundreds of sources. Delivering reports that make sense is key.

If you would prefer to see property-level data in a traditional (Non-API) report format, ask about ClearProp, our property-level profile report.

RealTimeCMA is the best source for listing data that offers comprehensive coverage and is fully compliant. Integrate it into your existing valuation practices and financial decision making workflow:

  • To improve your existing valuation products
  • To support the data and analytics underlying the valuation review process—to verify that the value is sound
  • To gain insight into specific markets defined by the location and characteristics of a target property

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