Post Disaster Inspection (PDI)

Peace of mind when you need it most.

Following a major disaster, the need for accurate, reliable and timely risk assessment is essential. While Clear Capital can’t prevent disasters from happening, we’re here to minimize their impact and risk to you.

With our network of more than 40,000 independent local market experts nationwide, Clear Capital can be at a disaster site within hours to provide an accurate assessment. And you can count on our thoughtful team’s personal attention to these emergency-related reports, as you can with all of our products and solutions.

  • Clear Capital’s boots-on-the-ground network of geographically competent brokers and agents can be at a site within hours.
  • Local market expertise provides the most accurate description and analysis of the subject and neighborhood condition.
  • Report confirms the subject property is located in an active FEMA disaster area.
  • Report includes estimates of total cost and timeline for damage repair.
  • 100% human quality assurance ensures report details support the conclusion.
Subject Property Condition
Report sets out to confirm if the property is located in an active FEMA disaster area and to rate both the overall damage to a property and identify if there’s specific damage to the roof, siding, window, foundation or landscaping. Reviewer also reports on whether it appears if the interior suffered significant damage, the estimated total cost and time frame to repair the damage. Additional narrative describing the property’s disaster related damage is requested. If the damage is unrecoverable, a note of “Total Loss” is requested.Post Disaster Inspection Subject Property Condition
Neighborhood Condition
Because conformity can affect value, the PDI also assesses the percentage of neighborhood properties suffering disaster related damage. Additional narrative can describe damage such as flooding, wind, fire, power lines down, debris, road closures, sink holes, etc.Post Disaster Inspection Neighborhood Condition
Subject and Neighborhood Photos
Exterior photos of both the subject and neighborhood as well as maps validate damage and that the subject resides within a disaster site.
Post Disaster Inspection Subject and Neighborhood Photos

Clear Capital’s Post Disaster Inspection is an efficient, effective report to assess disaster-related damage:

  • After a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, hurricane or tornado
  • As validation that further action is required, such as a BPO

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