FEMA Service

When you need to know what assets require a local inspection after a natural disaster.

Clear Capital’s free FEMA service is designed to help determine which geographic areas, at the county level, may have suffered damage to residential real estate as a result of a natural or man-made disaster.

  • Confirms the subject property is located in an active FEMA disaster area
  • Adheres to FEMA’s disaster criteria and identifies the disaster by FEMA’s designation.
  • Identifies when individual assistance or public assistance is available in accordance with FEMA criteria
  • Flags duplicate valuations on the subject property
  • Performed on residential and commercial properties

Our FEMA report identifies the date, nature of the disaster (hurricane, tornado, severe weather storm, landslides, flooding, mudslides, etc.) and FEMA disaster ID number.

Clear Capital’s free automated check identifies assets residing within a FEMA disaster area.

  • In the wake of a natural disaster
  • In due diligence as a pre-purchase tool

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