ClearVal™ Appraisal

There are times when you need the confidence of a full appraisal, but your timeline is tight and budget is limited. HELOCs and securitizations are just two examples. In response to this need, Clear Capital offers the next generation in desktop appraisals, ClearVal Appraisal, an appraisal report. ClearVal complies with Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines (IAG) and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) while reducing valuation risk with an appraiser-concluded value.

ClearVal Appraisals are performed by a licensed or certified desktop appraiser. These are the same folks who perform our Collateral Desktop Analysis (CDA) reports. They are skilled in performing desktop valuations, parsing through multiple data sources and a universe of comparables to find those most appropriate for the subject. The ClearVal appraiser delivers a value conclusion that is backed by relevant comparables, subject and comparable imagery, a Comparative Market Analysis, aerial imagery and mapping, and local market data—served to you in one easy-to-read report. To say ClearVal is reliable is an understatement.

  • Appraiser-supplied value conclusion from a licensed and/or certified appraiser
  • IAG- and USPAP-compliant solution for specific uses and in certain transactions
  • 100% nationwide coverage from geo-competent appraisers, who are skilled and measured on the successful performance of desktop valuations
  • The most appropriate data, including MLS, public records, historical reports, local market trends from Clear Capital’s proprietary Home Data Index (HDI), and broker-supplied CMA
  • Comparative Market Analysis Addendum with local MLS analysis performed by a local broker or agent from Clear Capital’s broker panel
  • Four levels of quality assurance including our proprietary rules engine, (ClearQC), a Clear Capital Broker Quality Assurance Analyst review, a second run through ClearQC to flag items for our reviewers, and a final review by a Clear Capital Desktop Valuations Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Offered as both exterior and interior report
  • Multiple delivery options including PDF, CSV formats, and direct integrations to your LOS or third-party platform
What’s in a ClearVal Appraisal?
ClearVal is a desktop appraisal based on an appraiser’s analysis of an interior or exterior physical inspection; data from Clear Capital’s database of public records, MLS analysis, local market data for the subject; and aerial images and mapping. The report delivers the appraiser-concluded As-Is and Repaired Values, and is supported by the appraiser-selected comparables and appraiser narrative.
Value Conclusion
The licensed or certified appraiser’s As-Is and Repaired Value conclusions are front-and-center on the first page of the deliverable. Repair costs are determined by a physical inspection of the property. The appraiser arrives at their Repaired Value by evaluating the recommended repairs noted within the Comparative Market Analysis, market conditions as supplied by the Clear Capital Home Data Index (HDI), and the likely return on such a repair by a buyer in the local market.
Appraiser Commentary
The appraiser provides commentary to address condition and repairs, and to summarize their final value conclusion. Commentary helps you get into the mind of the appraiser and understand their valuation approach. It also exposes you to any issues with the subject and repairs required prior to marketing.
Market Comparison
We include the Home Data Index™ (HDI) in every ClearVal Appraisal. It provides a snapshot of the subject’s market over the previous five quarters to show how the market is performing compared to the state and national average. It also includes data on distressed saturation (REO and short sales) in the subject’s immediate market, along with the typical distressed discount rate and marketing time, compared to arm’s length transactions.
Subject Property Sales and Listing History
The ClearVal appraiser analyzes the subject’s sales and listing history as reported from MLS and public records to ensure that any prior sales, pending transactions, or listing activities are considered in the final value.
Comparable Selection
The ClearVal appraiser has access to Clear Capital’s vast data set and technology tools—Home Data Index (HDI) and ClearProp, Clear Capital’s property-level profile report. Provided with hundreds of sales and listings comparables compiled from MLS, public records, and our internal proprietary database, they also review the broker-supplied CMA, selecting the most appropriate comparables. ClearVal Appraisals display comparables in an easy-to-read grid that allows you to quickly compare the physical characteristics of the subject and comparables.
Physical Inspection
The inspection is completed by a licensed real estate agent or broker from the subject’s immediate market, and delivered to the ClearVal appraiser as a Comparative Market Analysis. We select brokers who actively list, sell, and value homes in the immediate market, because of their experience recognizing repairs that impact marketability. This boots-on-the-ground assessment, along with broker/agent commentary and data on repair items affecting the value of the subject, is the basis of the appraiser’s condition assessment.
Maps and Aerial Imagery
Photos of the front view of the subject and a comparables map help validate the condition of the subject property in comparison to selected comparables. The comparables map marks each sold and listing comparable in relation to the subject to further distinguish relevancy of the selected comparables. Aerial imagery of the subject can expose external influences that may impact value, positive or negative, while satellite maps provide a sense of the neighborhood for the subject and comparables.
Four Levels of Quality Assurance
Every ClearVal Appraisal undergoes a multi-step quality review. Immediately after the broker submits the Comparative Market Analysis, we validate the data against our automated quality assurance review tool, ClearQC, followed by a human review by an in-house, trained quality analyst. Any data omissions or inconsistencies are addressed upstream, before the report is submitted to the ClearVal appraiser. After the ClearVal appraiser completes their analysis, a second automated review checks and scores the report for overall quality and risk. Finally, an in-house quality analyst or staff appraiser performs a thorough manual review to ensure the story told within the report is consistent and well-supported.

ClearVal satisfies IAG and is considered an equivalent valuation* to an appraisal in specific situations. It can be a lower cost and more efficient way to support your decision-making process in:

  • Home Equity Origination
  • Loan Securitizations
  • Loan Servicing Decisions
  • Low Balance Transactions
  • Establishing an REO List Price

* 2055 and Appraisal Reviews are offered in West Virginia.

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