New property perpectives in one easy-to-read report.

Clear Capital’s ClearProp report provides subject property and market information, local sold and listing comparables (including those from MLS), maps, aerial imagery and FEMA disaster checks. It is the perfect complement to any valuation, whether that’s a BPO, Appraisal or AVM, from any valuation provider. This easy-to-read, data-rich report is used as an initial review tool before additional valuations are ordered and as a next-step review for higher risk valuations. It can integrate with our ClearQC review tool to feature even more comparables alongside other available market comparables.

Gain comprehensive insight of the property and market characteristics that could affect value in a positive or negative way such as owner and transaction history, local sold and listing comparables, maps, aerial imagery and FEMA disaster checks.

ClearProp’s powerful comparable tool lets you dynamically dig further into the best comparables. ClearRank, Clear Capital’s proprietary comparable ranking algorithm, features the most relevant comparables up front to save you time.

  • Filter and sort comparables dynamically for immediate access to the most relevant comparables.
  • Improve efficiency with ClearRank, Clear Capital‘s proprietary comparables ranking algorithms that identify the most relevant comparables up front.
  • Benefit from Clear Capital’s exhaustive data repositories, including public and proprietary resources.
  • Integrate comparables alongside other available market comparables with Clear Capital’s ClearQC review tool.

Interactive ClearProp comp grid

Subject Information
ClearProp validates subject information by verifying the address, prior sale value, land use and zoning, and the property’s legal description.
Subject Characteristics
ClearProp identifies potential differences and/or unidentified features from a tax assessor’s perspective.ClearProp Subject Characteristics
Market Performance
ClearProp benefits from the Clear Capital Home Data Index (HDI) which delivers price trends and distressed activity (REO and short sales) of the subject property’s market and price tier. This includes real time market trends, distressed saturation, and forecasts of local performance and helps uncover how values are changing and are likely to change in the future.ClearProp Market Performance Trends
Local Sales and Listings
ClearProp provides a clear view into ranked comparables of similar properties, helping you to better understand price ranges, value discrepancies and distressed (REO and short sales) considerations from our robust collection of data assets from various public and proprietary sources. Filter and sort comparables that most closely match the subject property by: price ranges, value discrepancies, and distressed considerations to reveal abnormalities or anomalies that could affect price.
Transfer and Finance History
A complete history of sales, transfers and mortgages, including the owners on the title, potential second mortgages, HELOCs and fraudulent activity, helps you identify owners with a propensity to refinance.ClearProp Transfer and Finance History
Aerial Imagery
We take geo-location to the next level, literally, and provide up to six super high-quality aerial images of the property at different angles to even further highlight its location and surrounding elements.ClearProp Aerial Imagery
Comparables Map
Alongside the comparables listings, we map the subject and comparables. Filtering and selecting comparables directly from the map helps you understand where comparables are located and uncovers externalities such as freeways, golf courses, and airports that can affect price.ClearProp Comparables Map

ClearProp supports you with the insight needed to take the appropriate next steps in your review process. It’s designed for Loan Servicers, Loan Originators and Due Diligence firms:

  • To verify subject and transfer risks and validate comparables selection
  • To audit market characteristics and comparables selection internally
  • To support listing/sales prices and modification decisions
  • To identify fraudulent activity such as flips
  • To reference information typically found in public records, such as characteristic validation, owner verification, transaction history and comparables

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