Approaching risk mitigation with an intelligent valuation review platform.

Asking your order fulfillment tool to provide an assessment of valuation quality is risky, and will add more work and expense in the long-run. Because you agree valuation quality is the #1 priority, you need the #1 solution for valuation review. ClearCollateral is Clear Capital’s Valuation Review Management Platform. It prioritizes the industry’s most pressing concern—risk, and mitigates it with improved valuation quality; while increasing operational efficiency and providing a foundation for your third-party oversight compliance program.

ClearCollateral ingests appraisals from any provider. It analyzes reports for valuation quality and delivers material insights on file risk. You can also use ClearCollateral exclusively as a review management platform, categorizing valuation reports by risk profile, taking immediate next actions to ensure they reach the most appropriate reviewers. Whether you use the platform for valuation review, review management, or both, ClearCollateral’s review forms, document center, and revision activity build a clean audit trail that protects you against third-party oversight claims.

ClearCollateral Infographic Overview

  • No technical integration required
  • Accepts MISMO, ACI, AI Ready Appraisal XML formats for Appraisal forms: FNM 1004, FNM 1004C, FNM 1025, FNM 1073, FNM 1075, FNM 2055, FNM 2090, FNM 2095
  • Ability to build, assign and organize appraisals in valuation review cases for a comprehensive view of report history across stakeholders
  • Send revision requests and import revised reports and revision history notes
  • Store all supporting documentation for a given case in one central location
  • Powerful automated valuation review rules engine that accesses public records data, MLS data, and Clear Capital’s proprietary data collection
  • Interactive grids, maps, and charts provide more insight on the local market
  • Ad-hoc reports aggregate data across a combination of criteria
  • Search tools that serve up thousands of records in seconds across a multitude of parameters
  • Dedicated Technology Team who support 24/7 availability of ClearCollateral
  • Cost-beneficial integration available with Loan Origination, Servicing and Order Fulfillment Platforms.
Feature Set
We built ClearCollateral to answer our own question: how can we achieve higher valuation quality standards across customers who each have their own specific view of quality? For over a decade, we’ve been using ClearCollateral to quality assure valuation reports and build operational efficiency in our own review process. While Collateral Management Systems and Loan Origination Software are designed for order fulfillment, there is no industry-wide solution that offers a valuation review solution, communication platform, and audit trail in one. Until now….
No Integration Required
Simply select and import multiple appraisal XML files from your local directories and instantly feed a review workflow with actionable data.

If you prefer a direct integration, an API is available to systematically post valuation reports and export summary information. And by the way, we will not charge you a transaction fee.
Document Center
The Document Center: One source for critical documentation.

Use the Document Center to access all appraisals, associated ClearQC reports, and any other supporting documents for a given Case. As the central location for all documentation, the Case Document Center is your one source for importing supporting documents or a new appraisal post revision request.
Report Case
The Case: Property Cases, Customizable Case Queues, Case Assignment and Labels

Cases organize all valuation reports, supporting documents, analytical reports, rule results, and comparable research tools for any given subject property.

  • Build the Queue by assigning Cases to individual reviewers.
  • Search the Queue based on Assignee, Case Due Date, Case Status.
  • View the number of Cases in each workflow Status
  • Apply custom labels to each Case

CCP Cases

Valuation Review
Valuation Review Scoring Tool and Workflow Engine in one.

From within ClearCollateral, you can order ClearQC, Clear Capital’s automated valuation review tool, to further support your appraisal review. ClearQC can help ensure all appraisals across your valuation vendors meet a consistent standard of quality. Use ClearQC’s standard rule collection that has ensured our own high quality appraisals for over a decade, or configure rules to your guidelines with the option to augment with unique rules from your own collection.

Your workflow will also benefit from the automated valuation review tool’s detailed feedback on rules run. Based on scores or rules run, you can re-assign the report Label and User.

Benefit from ClearQC’s powerful automated review rules engine.

The ClearQC Appraisal Rule Set includes 63 actionable rules that examine Valuation Accuracy, Appraiser Methodology, Compliance, Data Accuracy, Comp Selection, Market Risk, and Property Risk. Ask your dedicated Account Manager about rules configuration and consultation.

Look beyond the data within the appraisal to access critical market insights.

Unlike other rules engines, ClearQC looks beyond the data within the valuation report to access public records and MLS data, along with data from Clear Capital’s proprietary database of appraisal reports. Use comp ranking grids, geospatial views and scatter plot graphs to understand market events that occurred recently. Access to industry leading property research sites lets you do your research (Instant Street View, Geospatial Views, Scatter Plots) on each Case from within ClearCollateral.

CCP Geospatial View

Revision Requests
Save valuable time when you manage Revision Requests from within each Case

Send a Revision Request directly to your valuation vendor or the appraiser. When you do it from within ClearCollateral, it—like all reports in the Document Center and commentary from the Review Form—becomes part of a Case’s audit trail. After the revision has been addressed, import the revised report with the click of a button via the Revision Manager.

CCP Revision Manager

Activity Log
The Case Activity Log: Key activities captured to build a clean audit trail

Let ClearCollateral do the work of capturing key activities, such as Case assignments, Label use, Revision Requests, and Review Form updates. The Activity Log includes the ability to add quick Reviewer notes, search for important events, and view the time spent on each Case. This can be critical when volume is high, staff is lean, and you’re up against deadlines.
Ad-Hoc Reporting: Data points important to you and the regulators

Ad-hoc Case Reporting empowers you to build and save a report that aggregates data on a portfolio of properties. Build a report by selecting a combination of Subject Property characteristics, Valuation Report data points, and ClearQC results.

ClearCollateral’s data, tools, and technology safeguard the integrity of the valuation review process, so you are ready to meet the demands of the regulators.

  • Standardized and improved valuation review quality across all valuation vendors
  • The foundation of your third-party oversight program, with all your valuation data and decisions captured in one central place.
  • Market-level decisioning across price bands, property types, lending programs
  • Improved underwriting timelines
  • Enhanced operational oversight and management

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