Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

For truly independent, unbiased results, choose from seven industry-leading AVMs

By distributing seven industry-leading AVMs, Clear Capital provides our customers with the flexibility to select the most appropriate model or sequence of models, independent of sales opportunity. We take a consultative approach to understanding your needs, selecting the right model from our suite of AVMs or configuring the most appropriate sequence of models. The cascade will run through the sequence until one AVM returns a result. This approach promotes truly independent, unbiased valuation results.

Clear Capital’s AVM cascade can be integrated into your workflow. Using other AVM models? Let us configure them into the sequence. When ordering fully supported AVMs, results are delivered in one comprehensive report that includes subject information, collateral values, confidence scores and a full listing of comparables for each property. Alternatively, we can deliver results in a single-line spreadsheet, with basic subject information, high and low values and confidence scores.

AVM Solutions
Clear Capital’s AVM suite presents solutions for all uses, most property types* and even accounts for market conditions when paired with Clear Capital’s proprietary Home Data Index™. Each AVM in our suite has a unique data set to satisfy our customers’ unique needs. In consultation with you, we will determine which solution or solution set may best deliver objective results.

* not including multi-family.

Collateral Analytics CA Value
CA Value considers MLS listings, sold data and subject history in the value formation. Delivering consistently high marks on AVMetrics’ independent testing, CA Value has been proven to deliver higher hit rates, a result of its unique data set. It refreshes weekly using both public record and MLS data to reduce data lag.
Freddie Mac Home Value Explorer® (HVE®)
The Freddie Mac HVE is a direct reflection of the volume of loans and unique data only available to Freddie Mac. This model is frequently considered when evaluating conforming re-finance, origination and loan modification suitability or properties in non-disclosure states. As an authorized master distributor of the Freddie Mac HVE, Clear Capital can easily incorporate Freddie Mac’s unique data set into your validation decisions, while offering competitive pricing. HVE can also be seamlessly integrated into the rules engine of our ClearQC automated valuation review tool.
Black Knight Financial Services ValueSure™ and SiteX™ Value
Using MLS data, ValueSure is tuned for high accuracy on single-family and condo residences. SiteX Value is tuned for high hit rates on multi-family residences.
Veros VeroVALUE
VeroVALUE uses more than 10 valuation methods alongside predictive technologies to maximize accurate values, meaningful confidence scores and high hit rates. VeroVALUEREO is Veros’ valuation tool for distressed assets.

Clear Capital’s independent suite of AVMs meets the demands for unbiased, effective valuation results.

  • Origination: As an acceptable component of evaluations on loans under $250K—when paired with Property Condition Inspections or other field reports.
  • Review Work: As a value check or comparables’ reference for historic or current valuations.
  • Surveillance: As a way to re-price assets, segment loan pools or re-assess risk exposure.
  • Portfolio Purchase: As a risk assessment check to determine default or loss severity.
  • Portfolio Management: As a cost effective tool to quickly value large portfolios.

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