Our high-touch, high-tech approach to appraisal management delivers a value you can trust.

Clear Capital’s approach to appraisal management has always been different. It starts with our unrelenting dedication to our customers. We work really hard to understand your business needs, so we can deliver you with accurate, compliant and timely residential and commercial appraisals. 

At every point in the appraisal review process, you benefit from our nationwide appraiser panel’s expertise, customer account team’s proactive communication, uncompromising quality assurance process and cutting-edge technology.

  • Our intuitive web interface makes appraisal ordering easy, status updates frequent and the final deliverable immediately available. Use this interface to share a file with multiple parties.
  • Throughout the entire appraisal process, your dedicated Customer Account Team is just a phone call or email away.
  • A highly professional and experienced Appraiser Panel provides national coverage.
  • A meticulous three-stage quality assurance process that includes two automated rules engines and 100% human review.
  • A timely deliverable ensured by our pre-check submission process that eliminates the time consuming back and forth prior to human review.
  • Well-defined narratives plus optional, no-cost Critical Findings Summary (CFS) provides insight and understanding into the value conclusion.
  • Performed on Residential and Commercial properties.
Personalized Service
Every customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Account Team, with a Customer Account Manager and team of Account Specialists. This team works closely with you to understand your goals and establish any guidelines that should be considered before performing the assignment.

At every step in the process, your Customer Account Team is proactively updating you. When you have questions or concerns, we make sure we’re always available during business hours, seven days a week by phone, email or through your account.
Market Expertise
Every member of Clear Capital’s independent appraiser panel holds a valid license. When selecting an appraiser for each assignment, Clear Capital finds the highest rated, geographically closest appraiser. Ratings are based on overall valuation quality of prior reports, responsiveness and professionalism. This attention to vendor management ensures timely, high-quality valuations from an appraiser who is familiar with your local market.
Appraisal Vendor Performance Score
Field Reviews
Whether an appraisal was completed last week and the loan is yet to be funded, or the loan was funded two years ago and is now in default, a field review completed by Clear Capital’s experienced Appraiser Network provides an review opinion you can trust:

  • To validate the underwriting of an existing loan in pre-funding
  • To validate the origination appraisal in loan repurchase
  • As a pre-closing condition or post-closing audit
  • After a natural disaster to protect the lender’s interest in their asset
Quality Assurance
Clear Capital employs three layers of quality reviews for every appraisal submitted: automated first review to validate the data and check for errors; second automated review to check for overall quality and risk; human review of automated risk and quality scores as well as risk flags by Clear Capital’s team of Staff Appraisers. These internal checks, performed before an appraisal is ever presented to you, helps to eliminate revision requests. The benefit to you: saving time and money.
Appraisal Quality Assurance Pre-Check System
Timely Delivery
Clear, ongoing communication through your account and with your dedicated Customer Account Team ensures a complete and accurate appraisal the first time. Track progress of all orders, current statuses, due dates and more through the workflow management tool.
Appraisal Timely Delivery Status Updates
Dedicated Compliance Team
Our completely transparent appraisal report is the product of a tightly managed compliance process. Clear Capital’s dedicated, in-house Compliance Team ensures all state and federal regulations are met, including audited approaches to C&R.
With each Clear Capital origination appraisal, you also receive a no-charge, summary report that identifies key information supporting the value conclusion. Consider the CFS our confirmation that the appraisal has undergone our rigorous quality control, and your first indication that a report may require further review.

  • A page-one summary of critical information from within the appraisal
  • Appraiser comparables presented in a grid style format for easy analysis and comparison
  • Commentary about the local market

Clear Capital’s Appraisal Solution Services support your efforts:

  • As the primary valuation for Loan Origination and Refinance decisions
  • As a valuation for Servicing when making loan workout, default or REO decisions
  • In due diligence investment decisions in the Secondary Market for loans backed by high-priced or unique homes


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