Recapping ICE Experience 2023: photos, sessions, podcasts

💡 Session recaps & photos 💡

Day One and Two General Session Recaps

Mortgage industry experts gathered from Feb. 27 – March 1 for ICE Experience 2023 at The Wynn in Las Vegas. Here, we’ll boil down the key takeaways, session highlights, and share industry-shaking intel from ICE Experience 2023.

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🎙️ ClearCast Podcast minisodes 🎙️

Brent Chandler, Founder and CEO of FormFree and Eric Lapin, President of FormFree

Brent and Eric share the exciting news that FormFree has sold its AccountChek business to Stewart Information Service Corporation and will focus on decentralizing and democratizing consumer access to credit. Eric Lapin will now serve as FormFree’s president to oversee the company’s evolution to Web3.
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Stephanie Durflinger, SVP, Product Management, ICE Mortgage Technology

Stephanie and ClearCast host, Kenon chen, discuss the market and how the industry is responding with automation and new, innovative solutions. Listen below!
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Sarah Knochel, CEO of Data and Analytics at Candor Technology, and Tom Booker, Chief Strategy Officer at Candor Technology

Sarah and Tom discuss their backgrounds, what led them to the mortgage industry, and how Candor Technology is working to create transparency and improve the experience for borrowers, lenders, and investors.
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