Freddie Mac Home Value Explorer

Streamline collateral valuations and lower your costs with the AVM.

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Automated Review Tool examines Appraisals and BPOs from any valuation provider, just like you.
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Home Value Explorer® (HVE®), the highly regarded automated valuation model (AVM) from Freddie Mac, is now available through Clear Capital. Its over 20 year history of extensive coverage in all 50 states, high fulfillment rates, and valuation precision make HVE the go-to choice among AVMs. The benefits of this tool are diverse: as a standalone AVM, a rule set in our ClearQC product, or coupled with our Property Condition Inspection (PCI) for compliance with Interagency Guidelines for Appraisals and Evaluations.

HVE is a popular AVM tool that generates an estimate of property value in seconds. Created by Freddie Mac, HVE covers more than 3,100 counties with its database of approximately 81 million property records. HVE encompasses several models rolled into a single product for one low cost. HVE data simplifies the mortgage process by streamlining the collateral valuation cycle. In nationwide tests conducted by large wholesale lenders, HVE consistently performs at the top in the areas of coverage, accuracy, and reliability.

HVE is a tool with many uses:
Underwriting review for first and second mortgages, and home equity loans/home equity lines of credit
Credit risk management
Loss mitigation
Refinance and modification of mortgages
Supports processes related to evaluating insurance needs
Supports Quality Control (QC) processes
Supports Portfolio Management processes

Freddie Mac Home Value Calibrator

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To learn more about how this quality control tool can integrate seamlessly with your workflow as either a standalone product or as a rule in the Clear Capital ClearQC automated quality assurance service, please contact a Customer Account Specialist today at 530.550.2525 or

Home Value Calibrator® improves the collateral valuation process by clearly identifying loans that need your further review.

Clear Capital is proud to be a licensed distributor of the Freddie Mac Home Value Calibrator® (Calibrator). Our integrations to numerous loan operating systems and customizable setup give you easy access to this valuable tool, enabling increased efficiency in all aspects of the loan process.

Calibrator improves quality control by measuring the risk that a collateral valuation may exceed the actual market value by at least 10 percent. Whether the valuation comes from an automated valuation model (AVM), appraisal, BPO, or other method, Calibrator spots potentially inflated values to identify loans that merit further investigation. By detecting possible above-market valuations, Calibrator helps you prioritize workflow and prevent funding of high-risk loans.

Calibrator combines the precision of an AVM with a statistically based scoring model to deliver a score that can help identify loans with potentially inflated collateral valuations. The resulting score, between 300 and 900, indicates the likelihood a valuation or purchase price is inflated, with lower scores denoting greater risk. In addition, Calibrator allows you to produce customized monthly reports to identify trends.

Calibrator is more efficient than traditional quality control methods, and can help you:
Match the level of underwriting review to the risk identified.
Identify potential appraisal outliers prior to funding.
Prioritize workflow.
Streamline quality control sampling methodology.
Improve assessment of valuation quality by identifying production at channel or branch level.