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National Price Trend HDI
National HDI with one-year forecast, data through July 2015.

The Clear Capital Home Data Index (HDI) is a powerful analytics tool – provided in spreadsheet or web-based format – that delivers the most current and accurate indicator of market conditions possible.

Combined with our human-based valuation tools like appraisals, AVMs and BPOs, our indexing technology helps you at every point in your valuation process; bridging the gap between data products and the traditional human-based products for the sharpest picture of market dynamics.

The HDI leverages our technological and statistical expertise to produce a customizable analytics-driven intelligence tool that allows you to see big picture factors influencing your valuations—whether you're analyzing one property or a pool of loans.

The HDI offers several features that bring additional timeliness, intelligence and clarity to your due diligence process:
Patent pending rolling quarter intervals compare the most recent four months to the previous three months.
Price tiering provides a granular view of sales to identify whether market appreciation rates apply to low, middle, highest or all homes in an area for increased accuracy.
Model quality scoring assigns greater or less confidence to any index.
Index value updates allow you to value forward or backward according to historical data.

Our innovative home price index combines address-level accuracy with the most current, robust proprietary home pricing data available for extreme granularity and recency of data. With the data in context, both your immediate and long-range decisions are made from the strongest, most objective positions possible.

At Clear Capital, we recognize that each due diligence and loan servicing scenario is unique and requires a different set of data points for you to make an intelligent decision. To meet your unique needs, our indexing technology can be delivered in customized data output views on everything from market performance and index market value, to general market direction, to REO tools such as saturation, discount, or days on market.

With this innovative indexing tool, we continue our commitment to helping you make the most confident financial decisions, whatever they may be.

Reports Include:
We'll work with you to develop the turn time solution that meets your needs.
  • Repeat sales and price-per-square-foot index cascade
  • Appreciation rates
  • Indexed market value
  • Market direction
  • REO saturation rates
  • REO discount rates
  • REO days on market