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Clear Capital® is well known for providing the highest quality Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) available. That kind of accuracy and trust is especially vital in today's unsettled marketplace, where margins are close and losses mount quickly.

The value of a Clear Capital BPO goes well beyond price you pay for the report. Each BPO is completed in a manner to ensure confidence in your investment and pricing decisions.

We immediately get to work solving complex address issues and validate, standardize and geocode each address. We apply two levels of technology-driven checks—data validation and our quality control rules engine—to identify duplicates and bring data together helping our valuation professionals make accurate decisions. For the highest quality assurance, each BPO is reviewed by staff analysts prior to delivery.

Aerial imagery is available and can help you identify additional subject character-
istics not easily viewed from the street
Detailed map of inspected property with all comps provides added perspective
Clear Capital BPOs include:
Narrative on local market conditions
Neighborhood characteristics
Subject property condition
Analysis and photos of three current listings and three recent sales of comparable properties
Suggested list and sales price

Our standard-setting BPOs are unique in the industry. Not only do they provide meaningful context for data, but they are delivered with a relationship you can trust.

Report Types:
We offer one-, two- and five-day turnaround times.
  • Drive-by
  • Interior
  • Desktop and Retro reviews
  • Addendums and add-ons