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Clear Capital Unleashes New Home Data Index™

Multi-model approach delivers the most granular, up-to-date market data available


TRUCKEE, Calif., October 20, 2008 – Clear Capital today introduced a new generation of indexing tools that provide contextual data for the most intelligent view of housing markets possible. For nearly a decade, Clear Capital has delivered critical data points with industry-leading Broker Price Opinions, Automated Valuation Models, and Appraisals. Now, we’re leveraging our progressive technology and statistical expertise to create the Clear Capital Home Data Index (HDI).


“Existing valuation products are key to viewing value at a distinct point in time, but our new HDI adds critical context and dimension—so you know what the market was doing before, during and after that valuation,” said Kevin Marshall, President, Clear Capital. “The ability to provide timely insight into how market forces affect each property value helps our lending and servicing customers, our vendors, and our staff determine the most accurate property values possible.”


The Clear Capital HDI goes beyond traditional zone-based indices in nearly every respect, turning information into intelligence so you can make confident valuation decisions. When creating the Clear Capital HDI, our statisticians and technologists developed a unique multi-model approach that combines paired-sales and price-per-square-foot indices for multiple perspectives. By combining our multi-model approach with address-level cascading, we now provide an innovative, extensible indexing tool that renders extreme granularity and currency of data.


The Clear Capital HDI includes several standout features that bring additional timeliness, intelligence and clarity to traditional home pricing indexes. The most significant of these features—customizable rolling quarters—ends the waiting game associated with quarter-over-quarter indices that deliver data with a time lag of up to several months. The patent pending rolling quarter option takes advantage of our proprietary dataset and compares the most recent four months to the previous three months. Because the rolling quarters have no fixed start date, they produce up-to-date HDIs as data flows in, resulting in the most current market measures available. Rolling quarters allow users to gain valuable insight into rapidly evolving markets and track changes as they develop.


The Clear Capital HDI also includes other primary features—from price tiering, to intelligent output options—for the sharpest valuation picture. To learn more about the Clear Capital HDI, visit:


Clear Capital serves the mortgage and lending industries, providing intelligent valuation solutions for customers making confident investment decisions. We use the most progressive technologies available and human, hands-on analytics to deliver accurate and reliable tools, including Appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Property Inspections and Value Reconciliations. For more information about Clear Capital, please contact us at 530.550.2525 or visit