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Clear Capital Enhances FEMA Web Service and Data Tools

Access to real-time FEMA disaster data helps customers make better lending and purchasing decisions.


Truckee, Calif. (June 3, 2005) -Clear Capital, a proven and reliable provider of loan valuation outsourcing, enhanced their service that links customers with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) data to determine if properties are located within major disaster areas.


The company’s FEMA Web Service and Data Tools deliver instant access to disaster verification data for more informed lending or loan purchasing decisions. Clear Capital’s system is updated daily directly from FEMA’s national database so customers can quickly search by zip code for potentially affected properties.


‘Last year’s hurricanes in Florida highlighted the industry’s need for fast and accurate information regarding collateral risk resulting from natural disasters,’ said Duane Andrews, CEO of Clear Capital. ‘Clear Capital has designed a suite of FEMA related data tools to help our customers obtain the best information, in the most convenient manner possible.’


Delivering on its promise of flexibility, the company provides customers multiple ways to leverage FEMA data.

FEMA Web Service

Clear Capital connects customers with its FEMA database through an XML web service, providing immediate reporting of pertinent disaster information for quick and efficient property evaluation.


FEMA Data Tool Options

Clear Capital customers also have access to FEMA data via their Clear Capital account tool box, which includes the following features:

  • FEMA Email Alerts–The FEMA Email Alerts feature is an email-based service that notifies customers of new FEMA Disaster Declarations.
  • FEMA Disaster List–The FEMA Disaster List feature gives customers the ability to browse all FEMA disaster reports within the last 12 months.
  • Spreadsheet Review–The spreadsheet review feature enables customers to simply upload a spreadsheet for query. For even greater convenience, customers can automatically order property inspections and broker price opinions (BPOs) based on the results.
  • Quick Zip Lookup–The FEMA Quick Zip Lookup feature lets customers enter individual zip codes or groups of zip codes to rapidly search for active disaster areas.


Clear Capital’s FEMA Web Service and Data Tools are available now to all current customers. Subscription services are also available for companies not already working with Clear Capital.


About Clear Capital

In addition to BPO and property inspection services, Clear Capital customers have access to multiple valuation products, such as the new FEMA Web Service and Data Tools, to effectively meet their tape-to-tie-out (‘T2TO’) needs. Clear Capital boasts 100% completion on BPO and property inspection order fulfillments, unparalleled turn-around time, exceptional customer care and efficient technology.


Whether it’s an order of 10 or 1,000+ reports, Clear Capital’s team and web-based platform helps customers quickly and efficiently order, manage, track and share their valuation and due diligence reports. The company has built its success on accurate, on time and on budget valuation services for mortgage originators, secondary market institutions and mortgage services.


The company is headquartered in Truckee, CA. For more information call 866-278-0120 or visit


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