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“Homeowner-Guided Appraisal Inspection” demo session

By September 28, 2020 No Comments

Watch the video above to see our demo of OwnerInsight™ at Digital Mortgage.

OwnerInsight, a homeowner-enabled appraisal inspection tool, provides a no-cost, nationwide solution to maintain proper social distancing while giving lenders, appraisers, and AMCs timely information from inside homes they are unable to physically enter because of COVID-19.

See how lenders can offer faster turn times for desktop and exterior-only appraisals with improved clarity of the appraisal by clearly showing inspection addenda, increased consistency and accuracy of the appraisal process and quality. Additionally, lenders can utilize fraud mitigation with geolocation and time-stamped images, lower mortgage origination costs, and faster originations by automatically ordering inspections (via the API).

This free tool provides appraisers with flexibility and enables mortgage processes to move forward in a compliant way while limiting in-person interaction. To see how it works, we encourage you to go try OwnerInsight on your own property for free!

Try OwnerInsight on your own home for absolutely no cost.

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