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Sept 23–24, 2019


We’ll be on stage. Join us.

Tuesday, Sept 24 | 1:50 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

What we’ll be talking about:

Leveraging Appraisal Modernization: How to quickly use Emerging Tech for a Better Customer Experience

Appraisal modernization is rapidly moving from theoretical conversations and pilots to live platforms positively impacting thousands of borrowers. Learn from an expert panel of industry leaders already delivering groundbreaking results to homebuyers how to adopt new technology at scale and what to consider from a process and compliance perspective. Find out how GSEs, Lenders, Technology and Valuation Providers are partnering together to embrace mobile technology, data driven decisioning, and smart labor force management to radically reduce cost and time, and how you can get on board as well.

Who will be there:


Kevin Marshall, President & Co-Founder, Clear Capital


Usha Chatarpaul, Director of Product Management, Fannie Mae

Tanya DeLia, VP, Collateral, Freddie Mac

Rachel Robinson, Senior Team Leader, Collateral Policy and Product Development, Quicken Loans

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