What We Do

Raising the level of expectation.

Since 2001, Clear Capital has been solely committed to delivering quality real estate valuations, data, analytics and technology solutions that set industry standards for accuracy, efficiency, and accountability. We work with a nationwide network of over 30,000 real estate professionals (appraisers, brokers, and real estate agents) who provide boots-on-the-ground insight to our appraiser and broker-based products, including residential and commercial appraisals, value reconciliations, proprietary desktop reports, broker price opinions, evaluations, and property condition inspections.

“With every real estate valuation report Clear Capital delivers, we always have the big picture in mind,”
said Kevin Marshall, Clear Capital’s President.  “Our customer (mortgage lender or servicer, GSE, investor) may be hoping to acquire or sell an asset; an appraiser is in the field, working hard to supply a value; a borrower is awaiting approval or hopes to remain in their home.” 

Clear Capital Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall

We have built an exhaustive quality assurance process that includes an experienced team of valuation experts and real estate technology that ensures only the highest quality reports reach our customers’ desks. This means only using the most professional and qualified real estate appraisers, brokers, and real estate agents, hiring the nicest staff in the industry, never forsaking the essential human review of every report, and building technology that supports an accurate and customized review of every report while also streamlining communication with our customers and vendors.