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Clear Capital® Value Reconciliations are imperative for customers who need to make confident investment decisions. Our visually rich, empirically sound tools bring a uniform standard to the reconciliation process.

The result? Reliable qualitative data presented in a meaningful context.

Intuitive decision-making isn't sufficient in a marketplace that depends on trust, and Clear Capital Value Reconciliations bring true diligence back to due diligence.

Clear Capital Value Reconciliations include:
Multiple valuation points—including BPOs, appraisals, and AVMs—in a single form
Maps of all comps
Scatter graphs
Comp characteristic grids
Property photos
Mapping data
Appraiser narratives that follow standardized guidelines and are supported with empirical data
Intuitive form clearly states reconciled value, and provides standardized appraiser narratives
Map of all comparables provides added context for confident decision making

Like all Clear Capital products and services, our Value Reconciliations are supported by inspiring customer ethics and progressive technology.

Clear Capital Value Reconciliations finally give lenders access to standardized valuation tools—tools that are imperative for customers who need to make the most confident investment decisions possible.

Reports Include:
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  • AVMs
  • BPOs
  • Appraisals
  • Supplemental Data