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Think about the last time you were driving along a dark road at night and hit your high beams. You immediately saw much farther in front and more to each side. You knew you could react faster to any situation and you felt safer and more confident.

Now think about how you value your collateral assets. You might use various valuation products and data from different vendors, but are they showing you everything you should be seeing? What about the comps that weren't chosen, or the relevant market trends? What about REO saturation? It's what you're not seeing about the values of your subject properties that worries you.

Our automated ClearProp report was designed to give you that same feeling of security and confidence you get when you hit your high beams. It shines a bright light on your valuations, giving you new perspectives and insights you couldn't see before in one place.

It is a powerful and extremely current source of information, with many valuable characteristics about the specific property, the local markets, and attributes of the surrounding area, including:
Factual property data including owner and transaction history
Current sales and listings comparables
Highly localized market performance and distressed sale saturation
Micro-level price trends and forecasts
Extensive mapping and aerial imagery

And because all the information you need is in this one report, you'll spend less time combing through various data sources.

ClearProp it is a perfect complement to any valuation, whether that's a BPO, appraisal, or AVM from Clear Capital or another partner, and supports you with the insight needed to take the appropriate next steps in your review process.

It's perfect for Loan Servicers, Loan Originators, and Due Diligence firms to ensure:
Collateral review specialists can quickly evaluate and confirm comp selection and market influences for their valuations
Asset managers can accurately and rapidly confirm, set or adjust their list or target sales prices and evaluate offer considerations
Servicing agents can easily review subject characteristics, get owner verification, transaction and finance history, and view comparables

And these customers are using ClearProp reports in many ways—as the high beam illumination for every BPO or appraisal valuation report they receive, as an initial review tool before additional valuations are ordered, and as a next-step review for higher risk valuations.

Click here to schedule a demonstration of the ClearProp report on properties of your choice, and experience the confidence and peace of mind that lighting up your valuations can give you.