Data and Analytics

High value data collection, reporting and analytics

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At Clear Capital® we ensure the highest quality in our valuations by augmenting them with our extensive internal data and expert analytics. We've been doing this for many years.

The good news is that we now offer our data resources and expert analysis to you directly through our Home Data Index (HDI), our ClearProp report and our AVM solution.

Clear Capital's Home Data Index (HDI) leverages our extensive data and statistical expertise to deliver the most current and accurate indicator of market conditions available, so you can see the big picture factors influencing your valuations.

The ClearProp is an easy to read all-in-one report perfect for assessment, valuation and review of subject properties. It includes subject data, public record, sales and listings data, aerial photography and our HDI market data to provide the most complete perspective into the value of a subject property. It is a great complement to a BPO, appraisal or any other existing valuation, from Clear Capital or another partner.

We have also created a powerful AVM solution for a quick and effective way to evaluate from a single address to a large pool of loans. Our AVM solution incorporates models from the leading AVM providers, each with proven valuation methodologies and unique data sets.

With our set of Clear Capital data and analysis products, you're getting the value of more than 10 years of data aggregation and analytics experience, from a team widely known for accurate and insightful market analysis. We're also available to help you design a valuation workflow introducing data and analytics to your process, to enhance the accuracy and relevance of your valuations and remove risk from investment decisions.