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We go wherever it leads and do whatever it takes to make lives easier

We have an underlying company philosophy that guides our efforts at Clear Capital®: Wherever it leads, whatever it takes®. This philosophy guides how we create and deliver products, and how we interact with our clients, vendors and employees. It reinforces accountability and provides a higher purpose for why the company exists. And it expresses our desire to continuously improve.

"We started Clear Capital because we liked making peoples' lives better," said Duane Andrews, Clear Capital CEO. "We strive to build a culture of high customer ethics from the inside out. Customers and vendors alike often comment on how much our staff is friendly and welcoming. It's more than just being nice, though, it's about wanting to build the kind of trust on which we can stake our reputation."

Building upon trust, Clear Capital continues to grow as a partner for valuation and analytics products, and trusted thought leader providing the intelligence that guides you to your most confident financial decisions, whatever they may be.

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We provide the highest-standard service policies and ethics for our business and our customers

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Our entire suite of products and services represents the highest levels of quality available


With our progressive technology, you can trust that we'll get you the right data, in the right format, at the right time.